Welcome to the Roll’eat universe

The sandwich wrap good to reuse and reenjoy

Say goodbye to throw-away wrappers and enjoy your sandwiches on-the-go thanks to our environmentally friendly sandwich wrap. It has an easy fastener that makes it adaptable to different food shapes and sizes (sandwich, fruit..). It is convenient, compact, machine washable and also serves as an individual placemat. To reuse and reenjoy.

Change your snack without changing your pack

The roller bag to snack whenever and wherever. This reusable snack pack fits into the smallest of spaces but has a large capacity with unique inner compartments that allow you to carry a variety of snacks. Satisfy your snack cravings, anytime ofthe day.


Lunch bag & placemat

Your all-in-one lunch bag and placemat. The flexible, foldable and compact lunch bag unzips to become a placemat and allows you to eat at ease wherever and whenever. Convenient to carry around, stain resistant and very easy to clean with an inside pocket for additional storage of utensils.

The small smart bag for great snacks

The "hands free" snack pack. It is reusable, foldable and because of its unique compact design, it can be placed freely on any surface. Carry your favorite fruits, nuts or any other snacks without the need of holding a bag.